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Piero Guidi Magic Circus Collection

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Handbags, wallets, belts, suitcases, scarves, shirts, jackets, and jeans that give off positive and playful energy.  Elegant and fun at the same time, they’re accessories that convey the vitality and irony of their owners.  In the second half of the 1980s, Piero Guidi was looking for a new line to add to his collections that were already successful in Italy and abroad.
The goal was to create a high quality product that would be creative and innovate without betraying the good taste and style that characterized the label.
The turning point was deciding to concentrate on playfulness, by working on the colors and the shapes. It was a revelation! Colors and shapes materialized on the worktable in the enchanted realm of Marc Chagall’s circus.
Magic Circus was born from the dreams of this great artist. Acrobats, dancers, trapeze artists, fakirs, imaginary animals, stars, lions, elephants, clowns, and vividly colorful flowers; printed on glossy or matte material, on brown, white, yellow, red, or black shades. Whoever observes the spectacle of these figures enters into this free play of association. In 1988 when the Magic Circus series hit the stores, for many women it was love at first sight. Handbags and accessories were offered in many versions, with changing color combinations, materials, and shapes, all the while with the same elegant, carefree spirit and desire to surprise